Straightens Wheel Repair, does just that. .  Straightens wheels !

What causes a bent alloy wheel ? 

After hitting a pot hole, a curb, debris in the road, or any other hazards, the wheel can become deformed and out of round. This is most noticed after a large hit and the alloy wheel is no longer sealing to the rubber tire, causing the loss of air pressure.

What are the effects of a bent alloy wheel ?

Over time a wheel can incur several bends in different areas of the wheel, and vibrations can be felt while driving, along with steering wheel shake. If you are feeling the vibrations and wheel shaking on your vehicle, this is not normal and should be addressed to allow a more smooth comfortable, enjoyable ride, along with  helping to preserve your tires and get additional miles out of them. 

How do you straighten a wheel ?

After removing the tire, aluminum wheels are put on a hydraulic wheel straightening machine, that allows the bend to be inspected, measured, and pressed out with the use of heat.  Wheel straightening is a true science and with the use of the wheel straightening machine, and measuring instruments, straightening still requires the experience and the "feel" of a professional to ensure the wheel is properly repaired true and round.